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Odyssey Venture is an enterprise founded to bring the thrill of authentic discovery and exploration into cyberspace.

Our project offers multiple engagement modes for our visitors including entertainment, learning, gaming, purchasing, trading, and community. All these operations support the conservation of historical artifacts in museums and archives around the world. Our mission is to produce media and experiences “revealing the secrets of the universe” and relating to the history of discovery.

Our BEP20 token is the cornerstone of a project to create unprecedented exclusive access to historical objects from ancient antiquity to renaissance explorers to the latest missions of the space age, using disruptive technologies to capture digitized assets. Our project will secure these treasures safe from threat on the blockchain, present them to visitors in our fantastic Time Gate virtual museum, and offer them for sale to collectors in the form of exclusively licensed NFTs, minted on our own NFT platform and sold through our online Cairo Marketplace.


Artifact Capture


Part I of Odyssey Venture’s mission is to digitize special objects from around the world, creating high-resolution interactive 3D models. Our focus is objects related to the history and thrill of discovery.

Digital Archiving


Part II of our mission is to archive our digitized objects on the blockchain. The decentralized blockchain represents a dramatic new possibility for digital archiving safe from calamities, as long as the world network endures.

Online Museum


Our digitized objects will be displayed in the online Time Gate museum, where visitors can interact with fascinating objects and engage far more closely than they can at physical museums. Time Gate will make these objects accessible like never before.

NFT Platform


The Cairo Marketplace NFT platform will offer digitized objects for purchase in the form of NFTs that benefit the source institution and offer a unique ownership experience through exclusive licensed agreements. Art NFTs will be also for sale in the Alleys of the Cairo Marketplace.



To foster connection around shared interests and conversation about the many aspects of the Odyssey Venture experience, we will develop the Odyssey Club online community, inspired by the famous Explorers Club in New York City.



We are developing art NFT collections that will feature an entirely new dimension of entertainment. Explorers who can discern and collect all the NFTs in hidden groups can gain trade them in for high-value NFTs and access the exclusive Everest Room of the Odyssey Club.


Since the dawn of prehistory, precious objects have been passed down from hand to hand, preserving across the generations the memory of great human experiences.

With the advent of civilization came the foundation of museums. Yet from the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in antiquity to the looting of the Cairo Museum in the 21st century, catastrophes, wars, thefts, and even cancel culture have combined to threaten and destroy the treasures of history.

The shape of the world is changing due to radical disruption, but the network effect of cryptocurrency and the innovation of blockchain technology make possible new kinds of preservation. We can take action before further irreparable losses occur.

Odyssey Venture can preserve the treasures of history in the form of digital models, employing a licensing arrangement that supports archives and museums in their stewardship of the physical prototypes. Our global online reach will make these fascinating objects accessible around the world in completely new ways, to a vast new audience.



We have constructed a true smart contract with careful strategic measures hard-coded in. These functions cannot be changed after the token is launched, completely protecting investors from the kinds of rug-pulls that have given crypto a bad name.


The leaders of this project are not mystery men. They are established professionals who have built their reputations over the last two and a half decades with outstanding service, and they are proud to openly show their association with this project.


We are pledged to build investor confidence by sharing our process and opening our operations to review.

Proof of Concept

This scan of an Egyptian sculpture produced by independent digitization specialist John Clere was created without the object ever leaving its museum display case. This illustrates just the beginning of the possibilities for the Odyssey Venture mission.



Token Name: Odyssey Venture

Token Ticker: $ODSY

Official Address: 0x89dd5804b1c97d7bcd0ce209e9990120e83d84f0

Total Supply: 50,000,000,000 (50 billion)

Private Sale: 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)

Public Sale: 8,100,000,000 (8.1 billion)

Locked Liquidity: 15,000,000,000 (15 billion)

Maintenance Fees

Dev Funds

The Founders

Douglas A. Dixon

Douglas A. Dixon, MA

Founder / CEO


Douglas Dixon is a U.S. Navy veteran retired with disabilities after 24 years of honorable leadership service.  With degrees in psychology and counseling, Dixon’s crypto community admin experience combines with his certifications in the field of psychology to give him valuable insight into investor motivations. His vision launched Odyssey Venture as a token with bold new ideas that will set a new gold standard for integrity in cryptocurrency.

David West Reynolds, Ph.D

Co-Founder / VCEO


Dr. David West Reynolds is a New York Times #1 best-selling author, known for his pioneering Star Wars guidebooks as well as NASA histories. Reynolds holds a Ph.D in archaeology from the University of Michigan. He brings to Odyssey Venture his command of the power of narrative and his record-setting experience as an effective marketing consultant for organizations including Lucasfilm and the Canadian federal government.

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